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CAUTION! Scholarship deadlines ahead

Maria Escobar, 12 PCO

     There are many scholarships that seniors can apply for. The two most common scholarships that students apply for are FAFSA and Oklahoma’s Promise. The Oklahoma Tuition Equalization Grant Program is another scholarship one could apply for once they’ve filled out the application for FAFSA. There are academic scholarships, career-related scholarships, military scholarships and miscellaneous scholarships.

     Some different schools offer financial aid. Students applying to these universities are automatically considered for scholarships. They look at the person’s academic performance, test scores, class rank, and essay responses to the application, but most importantly unweighted GPA. When applying to colleges and universities, one should not worry so much about not being able to afford it because there will always be multiple scholarships that could help. 


     “Some of the best scholarships that a student could receive are probably through the college they apply to, and they qualify for those with their ACT scores and their GPA. All they would have to do to find out what they might qualify for is to go to the website for that college and search for freshman scholarships. For the outside scholarships the big thing is to just apply, keep applying, and don’t think ‘well I’ve applied to ten that’s enough’, well it’s not. A lot of them pick more than one person, but the majority pick only one person. So your chances are better if you keep applying. If you go to my google classroom, the code is daww6kv. I list scholarships monthly on there with their due dates, so that gives you an idea of some that are available. In the Spring, usually in March and April, the local scholarships come out. They’re not always very big, but they are almost the easier ones to get, so definitely apply for any local scholarships,” PCO college advisor Mrs.Stinnett said. 

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