Putnam City Celebrates

Students and teachers at Putnam City North High School celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of influential black historians, both past and present.

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    Black artists have had an incredible and lasting impact on every sector of the art world, including the visual arts. The list of important visual artists is long but these are some Black American artists who have left amazing legacies and beautiful art in the contemporary art scene.

     For decades something that has always been important to the Black community is fashion. Black fashion paved the way with the spreading of new styles and trends and contributed to the history of fashion by sharing what they love to do with the world.

     Realizing the rich gifts that our nation has from Black Americans is important for people of all races, during Black History Month and beyond, but it's also important to tell the stories of everyday heroes whose stories should be told. Students in the PCW African American History class share some of their heroes with us.

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